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Manchester Titans Open Tryouts

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by GAC, 20 Oct 2009.

  1. GAC


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    Manchester Titans American Football Team Open Tryouts

    Details of the 2009 Training camps below:

    On Sunday the 1st and 8th November 2009 the Titans will be running their annual tryouts, no experience neccessary at all. If you would like to start out and see if this is the sport for you then we would be delighted to give you a taste of the sport. The first hour will consist of getting you registered with the Titans, usual name and contact details that kind of stuff. There is a charge for participation of £3.00 per session.

    Training will start between 12:00pm and 12:30pm once registration is completed. Some existing players will arrive from 12.00pm onwards although the full squad won’t be around until the start of January. So a great time to start up with those of equal skill levels, and bend the ear of some of the veteran players whom will be more than happy to help you along your way. Make you your way to the artificial pitch (3G grass surface) and aim for the Rugby Club House at the bottom of the car park you can't miss it. The session is expected to run until appx 4pm


    Broughton Park RUFC
    2 Houghend Crescent
    Off Mauldeth Road West
    M21 7TA

    Equipment: Bring your normal training kit /sweats plus both types of footwear moulded trainers and boots (ones suitable for grass and the other for the artificial surface) also you can find what kind you’re comfortable in on the day. All the training at the moment is non-contact as we are in the off season. So a good excuse to have a run around, and be introduced to the game whilst learning a few fundamentals of it. The day may also consist of some timed events to gauge skill levels (sprints, shuttle runs that type of thing) this will be decided on the day. All will take part not just rookies so you can see where you measure up on the day and there will be an opportunity to try on shoulder pads and helmets for those who have never done so but inexperienced players will not be allowed to participate in contact drills. There will be demonstrations by senior players of contact drills so you will get to see close up what it's like to hit someone!

    Please email [email protected] to signify your intent to come.

    We look forward to seeing you on the 1st and/or the 8th, don't worry if you can only attend one camp.

    oops, any chance of a edit please guys to "Manchester Titans American Football Team Open Tryouts " thanks. :D
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    The words American and Football somewhere in there might help ;)