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Map Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MehulLakhani, 11 Mar 2010.

  1. MehulLakhani

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    Hi All

    We are designing our new leaflet at work, and we need to put in a catchment area map.

    Basically I need to find somewhere on-line that will sell me a high-res map down to streetlevel, which I can modify and use in a leaflet to be distributed to our customers .

    Any ideas ?


  2. apeZ


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    Can't you just take it off googlemaps? Not the highest res, but it would do for a leaflet.
  3. Stupot_


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    For a leaflet?
    How do you mean down to street level... I would have thought you'd want a large scale google esque map. You won't fit street level on a brochure unless your catchment area is about 50 metres:)

    If you are looking for a detailed map... Then you'll probably just have to buy something from OS, or someone like promap (expensive). I'd contact OS first and see if they can help you, there's probably a service they do that will get you just what you need. Your local planning office will also have OS data handy to buy but I don't know if they would pass this on digitally or just send you on your way with a crappy A4 print out.

    Probably worth having a read of googles license for using their maps.

    You could always get the leaflet designer to trace over a google map, turning it in to more of a diagram with catchment area circles (I guess this is what you're doing?) overlayed. Not very accurate perhaps if people dispute whether they're on a border though, but you wont have to worry about copyright.