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Mass debate at work.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gillywibble, 7 Oct 2009.

  1. gillywibble

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    Is it possible for water to taste different upstairs compared to downstairs when a Combi boiler is installed, i.e. there is no header tank?

    Some people swear it does not taste the same.
  2. syke


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  3. Greenlizard0

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    That's because sometimes the output of the toilet goes back in. Dubious plumbing. *shifts eyes*
  4. GingerNinja1989

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    :rolleyes: :p
  5. Blue Cypher

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    I swear it does, but i have a filter down stairs :D
  6. Admiral Huddy


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    My mind works very different to some it would seem.. :D

    Anyway, I thought the cold would come straight off the mains. We have a combi and can't say I notice any difference... then iagain I have no taste.. only bad taste!
  7. Rich_L


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    Would depend on the pipes.

    I would hold a double-blind test with water ran for 5 minutes before putting in the cup and see whether there is a difference.
  8. Street


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    Its not usually acceptable to have a "mass debate" at work.. If you do though, make sure you do it in the toilets and wash your hands afterwards! :p

    On the subject of water though.. If the pipes are different/older it can taste different. My old house had an extension built with new bathroom and the water was so much nicer there than anywhere else in the house due to the new pipes! :)
  9. Duff-Man


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    Why noy stop arguing and put it to the test?

    Get a few bottles filled with water from "upstairs" and "downstairs". Label them in code, and have only you know the meaning. Then do a blind taste test (administered by someone else). If people can tell the difference, then you have your answer. If not, it's all psychological.

    Yeah it's effort, but there's really no other way to settle it.
  10. blix


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  11. G-MAN2004


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    Yeah, and also give them the same water twice, and see if they think it's the same. If not, pour it all over them for being dirty at work.
  12. Hatter The Mad


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    I'm having a mass debate right now.
  13. We have a combi boiler installed and the water tastes identical on each of the three floors. It also has a nice cloudiness to it. Can only drink water from the water coolers as this is a million times better - even though it's the same water, just filtered and cooled.
  14. R.O.S.S.I


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    I will be mass debating when I get home later, on my own ofc, not with others.
  15. mrk

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  16. Van Hellseek


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    Where you work the hours must fly by.
  17. Skully


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    I did once but I was really bored.
  18. Jock Dodds


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    Its like 'masturbate'!
  19. Energize


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    Just do a blind taste test, problem solved.
  20. semi-pro waster

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    Logically even if the water all comes from the same tank it could be possible depending on what material the pipes are made out of I suppose but most likely I'd expect the difference to be a) psychosomatic or b) because one tap has a greater run to it so the water has been sitting in the pipe for longer.