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Mazda 3

Discussion in 'Motors' started by MrMoon, 1 Feb 2006.

  1. MrMoon


    Joined: 22 Dec 2002

    Posts: 1,596

    Hi all just got back from a test drive in a mazda 3 2.0 sport, very nice car to drive,the only thing i didnt like was the CD changer controls which confused me as it has one slot and loads 6 discs somewhere in the dash.
    thinking of buying one for the new reg, I want a reliable car after owning a citroen c3 for 3 years and 7 times back to citroen I want a car I can rely on anyone got any experiences of mazda.
  2. Dave85


    Joined: 18 Jan 2004

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    Location: Sunny Scotland

    I have to admit I was wrong about this car, as my auntie went ahead and bought one the interior if a bit love or hate but the drive is very nice and the engines are smooth with good power, nott o noisy either.

    Suspension is firm but not so much as to be uncomfortable, the dash layout for the speedo etc really impressed me.

    CD player is very easy to work once u figure it out.

    Nice car and I would recomend one.
  3. kitten_caboodle


    Joined: 21 Jul 2005

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    Location: Frack off, nosey

    Hired one in the states with Mr Caboodle. Great little car, liked it so much I bought the company.

    I didn't really, but I would if I had the money :D