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Media Centre PC advice...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by BigDom, 3 Feb 2006.

  1. BigDom

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    Location: Birmingham

    (if this is wrong area I apologise, please move it to the right place and remove this line :) )

    As allways my brain is going on future projects and I've heard of, but know very little about, the media center version of windows.

    What I was thinking was using one of my old XP CPUs' int he project, Micro ATX Mobo if I could find it, reasonable soundcard and DVD player and the the idea I had is to make it the core of my hifi setup.

    I'd play DVD's and MP3 off it through my amp and into my TV ( not sure of the best way of doing the Video section ), might also take the Cable TV feed through it so I can record to HDD.

    Display wise I was thinkg of having a small ( touch screen if I can find one at a reasonable price ) primary monitor for controlling the PC then of course a feed into the TV somehow.

    I'd rather not use the TV as the primary monitor.

    Any advice and thoughts would be appreciated :) - thankyou.
  2. maddad68


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    Hey ,

    The only bad thing i have herd about the WME is that it will not allow you to join a domain .

    I spoke to a lad the other day who works as a tech for a very well known high street PC retailer .....

    He told me that it is a good OS for the type of thing you list , Basicly its XPpro with a very nice front end interface aimed at people that just want a good media center without all the hassle of the PC side of things

    As for the TV side of things all you need is a fairly decent TV tuner card

    Have a look on hardforum.com thay have a HT section thay will give you all the info you need to build and set up your system .

    Good luck

  3. pcoltrane


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    the green button and xpmce have good forums that will be able to answer all your questions :)
  4. BigDom

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    Joined: 30 Nov 2002

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    Location: Birmingham

    Thanks guys :)