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Memory advice needed for 2 x 1gig performance ram

Discussion in 'Memory' started by ocukcustomer, 28 Mar 2006.

  1. ocukcustomer


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    Currently I'm running ballistix memory 2x512 for a gig. The timings are 2.5-3-3-8 and the memory is running at a clock speed of 500mhz. This is within it's spec but the memory was given to me from a friend so I want to make a choice that is similar yet 1 gig per stick and also cheap as possible.

    The memory has to be a gig per stick, be able to run at 500mhz ddr and give me preferbly 2.5 cas latency and be cheap? It is for a 3800x2 athlon system.

    Do you have suggestions?
  2. HangTime

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    You'll be lucky to find 1gig modules which can do PC4000 speed at cas2.5 on the cheap, to be honest. If you're on a budget I'd go for either PC4000 cas3 or PC3200 cas2.
  3. pieman109


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    Personally I'd forget timings (to a degree) and go with quantity. Most 2gig quality ram will do 250mhz at about 3-4-3-8 ( though more expensive memory will do slightly tighter timings). The other option is to run with a divider at 200mhz @, the ocz ram will do this easy, as will the gskill zx 3200.
  4. ocukcustomer


    Joined: 9 Jul 2005

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    Ok thanks! I'll just save up for 2 gig of quality stuff at cas 3.