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Memory advice?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by scarbunny, 15 Nov 2007.

  1. scarbunny


    Joined: 29 Jan 2007

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    Ive just "upgraded" to Vista Ultimate 64 and im thinking my 2Gb of cheap Corsair is holding back my otherwise decent system (C2D [email protected] and 8800GTX, Asus P5N-32-Premium)

    Now im thinking of going for 4Gb of RAM as 4 1Gb Sticks as it works out significantly cheaper than a 4Gb pack, also im limited to PC2-6400 800Mhz due to my mainboard, I think?

    Which would you recomend out of these 2

    OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400C4 Dual Channel Platinum Revision 2 XTC Series DDR2

    GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C4 800MHz Black Dragon DDR2 Dual Channel Kit

    I was personally leaning more towards the GeIL untill this morning when the OCZ went on to Special

    Im cheap and dont really want to spend more than £90 including postage

    Thanks In Advance