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microserver slash budget gamer box

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by GWANGY, 8 Apr 2018.



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    looking around at small boxes capable of taking an itx plus amd apu 2200G/2400g and liked the look of small boxes to house it ..eg inwin chopin BUT then had the thought that a HP microserver has quite a few of the necessary characteristics eg small well made and includes a good quality power supply.. and storage for for either four or five disk drives You could whip out the existing mother board and insert the m/itx .. cant really see any problems
    airflow might be a problem
    the sff6489 connection (for the disks) is not standard on consumer boards.

    I actually have a microserver with an i3 so If I could procure a single slot half height gfx card i could use it as is ... any other thoughts ? do-able .. or a pipe-dream ?