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mobile 3G dongle

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by jimblowscash, 13 Dec 2010.

  1. jimblowscash

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    Location: london

    Guys Ive been asked to go out and buy a couple of laptop 3G pay as you go dongles for the office, can anyone tell me what the best ones / network are to go for please.... theres so much waffle on different sites all contradicting each other that i thought id ask here...
  2. exia


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    I know you've mentioned dongles, but have you checked out the mobile WiFi (MiFi) devices? e.g. Orange Mobile WiFi. We have them for our office.
  3. KIA

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    I like Vodafone. Are you looking for PAYG or contract?
  4. Kol


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    I currently have a t-mobile one and a vodafone one. Voda gets good coverage, but then so does the t-mobile one. Can't say I've ever had to 'test' them per sé as whichever one doesn't work the other has, though I prefer the Voda one over t-mobile as it doesn't work with the latest OSX without a LOT of fiddling :./
  5. KIA

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    The latest O2 dongle works well with OSX.