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Mobo problems.. or is it...

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by adamknox, 8 Mar 2010.

  1. adamknox

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    Was just randomly on my desktop when i decided to play some music. I poped in my cd.. and the whole computer started freezing up (it had been slowish for days) I decided to reset the pc and start again. On start up the pc froze on the splash screen. I turned off the pc and same thing happend again, after leaveing it for 10-15mins it found its way slowly to the 'Loading windows' screen. After around 10mins it was still on the loading windows screen. (it normally takes my pc 50ish seconds to get from splash to desktop)
    Anyway to cut a long story short it loaded to my desktop and no Usb equipment worked (keyboard mouse etc) items slwoy loaded on the desktop mean while (msn, AVG, Steam etc) after around 10mins of waiting. Suddenly around the 20mins mark my keyboard and mouse sprung to life. After that everything was some what okay. I started up mass effect two, Serious sam, MW2 and evetryhting played somewhat okay (my keyboar ddidnt work on one of the games though) I shut the pc down and it took around 5-10mins to shut down.
    Tryed loading up agaisn and same thing happend.
    I RMA'ed the Mobo and ive just read on there website they charge repair costs IF the motherboard is found not faulty.. -_- So now im worried lol would you say it sounds like the Motherboard? I cant see RAM, CPU, PSU etc interfering with USB ports + Slow start up times. I didnt have any otehrspare parts to try swapping with, and didnt fancy paying PC word £120 to find out which part isnt working -_-.

    CONFESSION: lol i had overclocked it a few days before.. changed NB from 2000 to 2400 ... the pc didnt like that one bit and i started having problems after that >< lol (i set it back to 2000 ofc)

    so what do u think? Deff Mobo?

    p.S sorry for typeo's im typeing this from my ps3 :'( .. have you EVER tryed typeing a long message from ps3? so give me a brake on type's / grammr plz lol