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Mondeo Driver Seat - Knackered

Discussion in 'Motors' started by William, 15 Jan 2006.

  1. William


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    Hoping for Telsa, Fox and the remainder of the mundano crew to come to my aid! :D

    Basically the driver's seat's backrest reclining knob only works when I want to lower the seat rather than raise it, even then its a bit dodgy. Any idea on how to fix this or is it a pitch it out kind of deal and scour around a scrappers?

    Its a MK1 Mondeo GLX so its the electric up and down version rather than a posh heated one so (hopefully) its not too hard to find, I think the MK2 seats are the same?

    Cheers in advance. :)
  2. 9designs2


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    You would need to de-trim the seat back, normally find a trim retainer at the bottom some where, lift the cover a up a little and check the mech.
    Is the back still ridged when in a driving position ? if not I'd replace it asap, as your life depends on the seat strength in a crash !!!