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Monitor DVI to HDMI issue

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Dosmer, 30 Oct 2018.

  1. Dosmer


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    I have a monitor (Samsung SyncMaster P2370) which only has DVI input. When I connect it to my PC (DVI-to-DVI) I have no issues. But if I try to connect it to my laptop (DVI-to-HDMI) the left part of the image is shown on the right and vice versa, plus it's rather grainy:


    I have tried two different laptops and two different DVI-to-HDMI cables, with the same result. If I try the cables reversed (from DVI on my Desktop to HDMI on TV) it works fine, but the cables should be bi-directional.

    The DVI-to-DVI cable is single link, while the two DVI-to-HDMI cables are dual link, but as far as I've read that shouldn't matter?