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Monitor installation Help

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by rctneil, 18 Sep 2009.

  1. rctneil

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    I am with a client who has purchased a Samsung SM2033 and when I try to use the driver executable, it says the graphics card drivers first need updating. I have tried to update the drivers but get confused with the device manager as I can;t figure out where it is in DM as the normal "Display Adaptors" section is missing.

    The system is a DELL Dimension 4600.

    Pic of DM:

    Please help if you can.


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  2. theheyes


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    Try reinstalling the chipset drivers. How come the monitor needs a driver installation? I have a similar monitor and I don't recall getting any disc (if I did, I never needed it)
  3. rctneil

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    This issue is still not sorted. For some reason th pc had intel graphics drivers installed when it had an nvidia GPU. Removed the intel ones and got nvidia drivers installed now.

    Tried the monitors both with and without drivers and neither will give the option to set it at it's optimum resolution. It should be 1600 x 900. I ahve tried all sorts to fix it but to no avail!
  4. J.B


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    Well its an Intel chipset, and it looks like a problem wiht the AGP controller.

    Go to the intel site and search for 82865G drivers.