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More Quantum SFF range?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by White_hell, 25 Jun 2010.

  1. White_hell


    Joined: 10 Nov 2006

    Posts: 102

    Hey there,
    Ive recently posted a thread about getting a Desktop or Laptop for uni.
    After hearing everyones advice ive decided on a desktop.

    Ive come across the Quantum SFF range.

    Now im really interested in that as its smaller so its more portable, and yet has the specs of a desktop beast.

    Ive looked across the range and there seems to be (in my opinion) a low-end, Mid-end, and a Very High-end models.

    Now I dont really have much love for ATI graphic cards, i love Nvidia cards with their exclusive features like 3d and Phyxs.

    Now i was just wondering whether they will make a few Nvdia Quantum SFF rigs?

    Im also Extremely interested in the Quantum Shockwave, With the 6 core processor will annilhate rendering times i need for uni.

    Has anyone tried to change the graphics card of the shockwave?
    Also ive noticed that pretty much all of them have SSD. Is it also possible to put a proper hard drive in them?

  2. snaggster


    Joined: 3 Apr 2010

    Posts: 621

    Location: Newark Notts

    Your best bet is to give ocuk a call and see what they can do. They are normally happy to change any spec. And yes all fit a normal hdd.
  3. NathWraith


    Joined: 11 Dec 2005

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    Location: Cheshire

    All of this is possible, the 400s series Nvidia cards work fine in the shock wave and standard HDDs fit fine. Call or webnote into to sales or email me and I can make the ammendments for you.