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Mouse choice for bad hands

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Hitman_Leon, 17 Feb 2006.

  1. Hitman_Leon

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    Right im after a mouse, been looking at the Razor range. While I have not had the chance to see any of these mice up close and personal I wonder what they are like to grip. I have bad hands due to muscle wasting and bad coordination with my fingers and thumbs. What are these mice like to grip as they seem to have grip rails round the edges. Also the buttons seem pretty large do they work well, easy to feel where your fingers are, I have bad sensation of touch. I know no one will be able to give me a difinative answer but comments might help as I don't want to throw money away on a rodent I can't use. Mouse to be used for BF2 hl2 ect. Never seen any in a shop where I could try them before buying.
  2. Eliminos


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    If you have your hand on the mouse, its going to be pretty hard to miss the buttons. Its easy to grip too, you can hold it by the rails to be very precise, but in general windows i hook my thumb and little fingers below the rails. The one thing you may have trouble with is the scrool wheel. Mine was quite difficult to use for the first few days but it seems to have loosened up now.
  3. Hesky82

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    Hi there, if your looking at the Razor copperhead it is a great mouse for gaming but it isn’t as ergonomically layed out as the equivalent priced/performing Logitech G5, the side buttons are hard to reach. If your right handed the g5 is effortless to use the button placement is excellent, you simply don’t need to move your fingers about. Its comes supplied with counter weights so you can tailor its weight to suit your preferences (it really does make a difference!)
    I'm a lefty so I had to go for a symmetrical design so I went for the copperhead but my mates G5 is simply much more comfortable in the right hand and also less fatiguing, but that’s no good for me as im not at all ambidextrous, but maybe just what you are looking for :)
  4. tim_enchanter

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    Yeah I'm using the Logi MX1000 which is also a right handed mouse.
    The way it's shaped for your hand does make it much more comfortable, but also importantly for me the MX1000 is quite large as mice go, which is good as I have large hands and find other mice far to small.
    I would recommend checking out the Logitech range as I've also heard they have good customer service if you have any issues with thier kit.
  5. Larok


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    The G5 also has a thumb rest on it, perhaps that would be useful.