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Moving House

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by FrankJH, 15 Jan 2006.

  1. FrankJH


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    Moving House /Telewest

    Hi guys ( and gals)

    About to move house and with Zen at the moment, but believe they are a little expensive now and also going to change my old wireless router ( Netgear 54Mbps)

    So two questions - I will be moving into Central London ( if that makes a difference) - What ISP do you recommend , probably go for anywehre between 2M to 8M and what wireless routeris currently the best option - as i believe its always best to get wireless router and cards from same manufacturer

    Any isp or manufacturer to avoid, and any good isp giving out decent routers ( even if you have to pay subsidy or something) as part of you signing on?

    I already have two pc's and plan to get a laptop also, so any advice would be appreciated

    edit - come on guys please give some advice - whats telewest like as a broadband / tv / telephone supplier? Thye may be my only HiDef possibility as I am moving into a rental ( no sky dish available)
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