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MP3 stereo to go into a MK1 Focus

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Over Clocker, 3 Mar 2006.

  1. Over Clocker

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    Hi guys,

    i'd like to get an mp3 capable stereo to replace the RDS6000 in my yr2000 Focus.

    However, the Focus stereo is a different size from normal stereos.

    Anyone have any tips on fitting etc??


    Mal :)
  2. Puzzled


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    It's very easy to do, and you have a few options:

    1. Blanking Plate
    2. Scosche Adaptor
    3. Double Din HeadUnit

    I went with a Scosche FM1375 surround, as it fits in nicely and supports the HU.


    Then you'll need either an Ford steering/stalk control adaptor or a normal Ford ISO adapter depending if u want to use the steering wheel remote.
    If you go with the Ford steering/stalk control adaptor then you'll need the remote adapter for your headunit as well.

    Plus an Aerial adaptor and Ford HU removal tools.
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  3. numnutz


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    Id pop over to the FFOC, and look in the ICE form there. Some great tips for getting your ICe sorted. Im planning on getting a scosche adaptor, just trying to find somewhere to get one!

  4. Puzzled


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    Have a look on Ebay, I got mine on there for about £14. Took a while to get here as it was shipped from the US, but at least it was official and came with the support.