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MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC, how to control cpu voltage to run a little cooler?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Decoman, 12 Jan 2020.

  1. Decoman


    Joined: 19 Dec 2010

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    I am wondering, if a Ryzen 3700X cpu is running hot at default (something I've been reading, unsure how updated that info is) because of a high idle voltage, would anyone have an idea how to maybe make the Ryzen 3700X run cooler using the bios on the B450I Gaming Plus AC board?

    Apparently the bios for this mobo doesn't have a voltage offset setting. I am not entirely sure what the alternative is then (I am used to voltage offset settings in bios).

    I can't tell if those having a higher idle temp, if that is because bios tells the cpu to run that hot OR..
    ..if AMD is correct in having pointed out that running multiple monitoring software will trigger the cpu to run at a higher voltage (I think I read that) somewhere.

    ALSO.. How do I even update the bios with the B450I Gaming Plus AC board? Online? There doesn't seem to be any usb update port on the rear side.

    ALSO.. Can I boot into the bios menu, without having a cpu installed in the socket (and that way, insert an usb stick and flash the bios that way?)

    To answer my own question at the bottom, this reddit thread, sort of indicate that one can't update the bios of the B450I Gaming Plus AC mobo without a cpu installed:
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  2. pandem0nium


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    I suspect that offset voltage control has already been added through a bios update.

    Offset voltage was added to my (MSI) B350 Mortar board at the same time as being rolled out to other boards. In one of the later updates for the 2nd gen Ryzen IIRC.
  3. Alan1969

    Wise Guy

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    is you cpu running hot? at idle what is your cpu temp and fan speeds and cooler?
  4. Decoman


    Joined: 19 Dec 2010

    Posts: 36

    I don't currently own a Ryzen 3700X cpu. I thought about getting one, but in a passive computer build that should handle the cpu ok, but I thought it would be good to know in advance if I could undervolt the cpu if needed, to lower the temps.

    I don't like to namedrop products I know little about, but I was amused by Monsterlab's passive cpu + gpu case, so I might try that if only I can figure out what components go together, and if I can buy it all before stock runs out or something.

    I previously had a sort of failed Ryzen 1800X passive build, which was experimental. Turns out, things got too hot.