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MSI K7N2 Delta2-LSR Nforce2

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Mr Mag00, 12 Apr 2006.

  1. Mr Mag00


    Joined: 23 Mar 2006

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    Hi, is this motherboard o/clockable. Currently available as B-Grade. I have an old machine atm, and wish to keep it as a second machine when i get around to a rebuild. I think i have a barton 2500+ (1.8ghz at stock? im at work so will check at home later) so what am i likely to achieve, with added cooling i assume.

    I am currently on a l7vta, which i can do nothing with and if anyone could explain how i can put a better gfx card on it, as it is limited to anything under 1.5V i was told when it would constantly close down on startup. I am using (i now know they're rubbish) a bfg geforce 5200fx.I notice the above motherboard has the same agp limitation.

    TIA Mr Mag00
  2. m3csl2004


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    Location: Sheffield

    yeah they clock ok, allough you wont be going over 200fsb by much

    nf-7 would be a better choice