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MSI Neo4-F - Cant keep RAM speeds down?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by FatRakoon, 6 Jun 2006.

  1. FatRakoon


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    Hiya all.

    Small issue here.

    No matter what I do in the BIOS, the RAM always runs at the same as the CPU.

    ( Dont give me all this "Theres no FSB anymore" crud, you know what I mean )

    Basically, if I set the CPU's FSB to 250, the RAM also runs at 250, set it to 200, the ram runs at 200. I have set it to everythign under the sun, and according to CPUZ, the RAM is always runnign the same as the CPU!

    Now, at the moment, I am running a pair of Corsair XMS4400 Platinums, and thats fine theyhave run all the way to 300, so I am not worriedabout them.

    The thing is, that I have a set of 4x1GB Samsung which are in another box, but these are only capable of 200 ( DDR400 then, dont argue )

    I tried a pair of these, and I tried to keep them at 200, but as soon as I started to clock the PC, they too would get clocked.... I managed like 210FSB out of them to be fair.

    So, my choices are simple. Either clock as far as I want to with the Corsair ( Runs peachy at 2.7Ghz ) but stick at 1GB, or, Stay stock and use 4GB.

    I really want to be able to run the CPU @ 250 as I have been doing in this and its previous board (MSI K8N Plat ) 24/7, but keep the RAM to 200FSB?

    You loot seem to be able to do it, why cant I?

    Another option could be to go half way I suppose and this is also somethign thats been playing on my mind, and that is that I have 2 sets of RAM, both Corsair XMS4400, one pair is TwinX and the other is Platinum. The TwinX is in my DFI at this time, running a Newcastle @ 2.6, however, the OCZ I have in the ECS NForce will happily go into the DFI and let me keep the CPU @ 2.6 and the RAM @ 200 ( See, I can do it in the DFI! ).

    Anyway, what I am saying on that score, is that the Samsung is single sided and the Corsair is double... I cant run all 4 sticks of corsair can I?

    I fancied doing this on the Neo2 but chickened out as the RAM apparently will kill somethign as they are double sided and I need them to run above 333

    I am confused????
  2. FreeStream


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    Erm, dividers?

    Also with 4x1Gb u will have to run at 2T @ 333 or 400 FSB depending on chip...
  3. FatRakoon


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    Yeah, according to the docs, Double sided has to be 333 and single can be 400.

    Annoyingly, I have a matching pair of TwinX and a Matching Pair of Platinum ( All are Corsair XMS 4400, and all are 100% identical but there are some differences that I dont yet know why, but the DFI hates the Platinum, but loves the TwinX )

    Anyway, I may have an issue with the Motherboard, because, no matter what I set the RAM to be, it still runs at the same speed as the CPU.

    I have it on atuo, its the same as you would expect.

    I set it to 100,133,166, or 200, and guess what? Its the frigging same as the CPU still???

    I have put in a couple of DDR200 Sticks, and even if I force them to 100, if I clock the CPU above 200, it crashes... Well, it gets to 206 with these sticks.

    So, this is why I think that there is an issue perhaps? I just cannot do it, so right now, I am just using my 4400 RAM and taking it way up there, and having done with it... I just want more RAM to play toys with thats all.
  4. =assassin=


    Joined: 16 Sep 2005

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    Dont MSI boards have three options - i.e. auto, manual setting for RAM, or by RAM SPD? I'm pretty sure one of those options can be used to lock the RAM at a particular frequency (unless I've got the wrong idea :) )?