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Music Review/News Site

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by designzer, 28 Jul 2006.

  1. designzer


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    I'm looking to set up a music reviews and news site (more for fun rather than a hardlined project - I'm experimenting with different website ideas), but I lack the necessary PHP experience to be able to build anything remotely close from scratch. Hence my best bet is probably to use some pre-made software and to tweak it here and there. I've looked at Mambo & Joomla but I can't really see how I could get them to be convincingly like what I'm after. I've also tried the blog option, but really I'm looking for a more in-depth style. Anyway, that leaves me with a couple of questions:

    1. Am I going down completely the wrong track - what should I be looking to use and how should I change it?
    2. If there isn't really anything to help my cause, can anyone help point me in the direction of a couple of tutorials (not general PHP, but more specific to what I'm looking for) that might get me on the right track?

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks - D.
  2. EKsparky


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    How about install a php site you can mode it in many ways and there are many custom blocks and modules you can use.
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    many People also use php nuke
  3. smoove

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    You can do it the way you said, get a template and just intergtrate a CMS (content management system) into it. It's not that hard, in fact I would suggest: www.cutephp.com

    My review site using the above method: www.the-verdict.co.uk (Although Its inactive)
  4. Chaos


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  5. Van Hellseek


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    do any other CMS have reviews section built-in?

    mk portal is good, but it's full of bugs and has poor user support.