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My First Dead Lifts / Squats

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by oHUTCHYo, 2 Oct 2009.

  1. oHUTCHYo

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    Been wanting to try them for a while, so finally asked one of the instructors to show me the correct form.

    My quads feel 'bruised' already only an hour later! My back was also burning a little bit, was a little worried I'd pulled it but it seems to have gone now.

    I only did 60Kg deadlift and 40KG squat to get my form correct, even then I felt that I was about three quarters from my limit based on 3x10. Its a bit of a confidence killer when Im doing so well on the bench, row etc. Im hoping once I get more confident with a strict form I can add some more weight.

    I know Im going to hurt like hell in the morning but Im glad Ive learned them.


    (1) What reps and sets do you guys do on each? How often, only once per week?

    (2) Whats the maximum you should be doing in any given week?

    (3) Finally, how should I splitting squats/deads in with my chest/tri and back/bicep days?
  2. Pigeon_Killer


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    1) Both 5x5. Squats 3 times a week and deadlifts 1 (until I kill my back again).

    2) Maximum of what? Sets, weight, times per week?

    3) If you only go twice a week (not really ideal) do your squats before your chest and tricep workouts and your deadlifts before everything on your back and bicep day.
  3. Participant


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  4. oHUTCHYo

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    As a minimum I go 3x a week, so Ive got this strange 3rd day where I feel I need to fill it with something like squats/deads rather than repeat bicep/tricep exercises.

    This week is the execption, Im off work and have been everyday so far, I wish I was unemployed, its been great!
  5. semi-pro waster

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    1) 5x5 and usually once a week per set so on average I'll be in the gym Tuesday, Thursday and one of the weekend.
    2) I'm doing a 5x5 programme so maximums don't really enter into it but I'll probably do somewhere between 5 and 8 different exercises for each session that I am in the gym.
    3) Deadlifts are primarily a back exercise as Robbie G says so put them on your back day. I do squats as part of a leg/shoulder day so that might be worthwhile doing on your third day - maybe squats, step-ups, leg press for your legs then side raises and Arnies or shoulder press for your shoulders? If you superset squats and step-ups then you should really feel it.
  6. 'Wes


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    -3 Sets, 12 Reps.
    -Once a week, never do squats and deadlifts on the same day.
    -Squats with chest/tri days, deadlift with your back/biceps days.
    -Rest for 90-120 seconds between sets.
    -Don't do them on the next day, take a gap or two.

    -Monday: Squats with Chest and Triceps.
    -Tuesday: Cardio or a rest day.
    -Wednesday: Deadlift with Back and Triceps.
    -Thursday: Cardio or a rest day.
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