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My Fortress FTOI

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by OLDPHART, 19 Sep 2009.



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    Right I’ve had my bit fun, time to tidy cable’s up inside PC a Silverstone Fortress case; I’ve taken a few pic’s as l went a long-

    Pic A -front view of case note the top middle 3x5.25 bays have been replaced with a 4x3.25 bay converter 120mm fan at front for cooling the HD’S a down.


    Pic B -rear view don’t know if you can make out the heads of the 4x Socket Head screws-6/32”x1-1/4” these are the only screws l could find when l did a search with Google, to use with my second Apache fan in a push>pull set up.


    PIC C -Top view of case, 2xUSB, 1x1399, Ear jack + Mic and top rear 180mm fan(air in) blows directly onto the Corsair H50 Rad, Pipes + CPU cooler.


    PIC D -side view of case with untidy cables taken out, as you see the bottom right two HD bays have been taken out. This un-restricts the air flow from the 180mm front fan taking cool air to my ATI 4890 card and PSU, due to the bay converter being added to top of the case. You can just see the rear of the bay converter and bottom left my Corsair HX850 PSU fits nicely.


    PIC E –rear view of 180mm front fan, l thought 120mm fan was big, but these are huge, LoL would hate to see a 250mm fan.


    PIC F –the rear view of the bay converter with my HD (WB 500GB 32MB cache) in place top, has room for two more. The SSD mounting kit inside the bay converter holds two, note my OCZ Agility 120GB SSD in place. The SSD has been partitioned 50/50 for OS/games well pleased with its performance.


    PIC J – there’s not much space between case panel and rear of motherboard tray so had to put most of the cable’s to the left facing rear and hide them best l can.


    PIC G – Well it’s been the first I’ve ever tried to make the PC’s internal cable’s neat and tidy going to replace the SATA cables with shorter angled one’s, do’s anybody know the shortest one’s you can get? Well it took me a while to do it, but I’m pleased with the result a lot tidier.


    PIC I – up and running again sweet.


    Well pleased with the fortress it ticked all the right box’s for me as l needed a midi tower case to fit on my workstation. Craftsmanship is very good all round and that’s including the bay converter and SSD mounting kit. Had no problems working on it fitting motherboard etc, would recommend it too anyone needing a midi tower. I like the clean lines the 120mm blue led fan sets the front off by breaking the black up. By the way as you know the FTO1 do's not have Motherboard Chassis Internal Speaker, don’t know if that goes along for the rest of the Silverstone Case range. But if you Google motherboard speaker internal buzzer it’s about the 4cm long tiny speaker at one end motherboard 4pin connector at other, price no more than £2.99 for one + p&p do's the job.
  2. 5abr3


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    I haven't had a case with an internal speaker in a long time, don't really see the point in them either anymore as most motherboards have some method of error reporting built in now!
  3. delankster


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    nicely done oldphart :)
  4. Diggsy


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    Not bad, but the cabling could do with a lot more work and your PSU should really be up the other way (fan down) which makes the cables easier to hide too.. The rear of the motherboard can take a lot more than you think, although it does require the panel to be 'helped' into place :p

    See my log for some ideas if you like... http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17982540


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    Cheer’s for the pointers Diggsy, l must say you’ve done a cracking job on your Fortress, photo’s as well. LOL l don’t usually try and hide the cables as long as they didn’t catch a fan , etc, but this was my first attempt and when l’d finished and stood back yes it was tidier but agree there was room for improvement . Going to order some more right angled SATA cable’s hopefully shorter too and cable ties, lol put a bit practice in with the wife’s digital camera hopefully get some better photo’s too. :)