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My Official £50-£46,000 betting challenge

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by robfosters, 27 Dec 2011.

  1. booyaka


    Joined: 19 Jan 2006

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    Blast from the past this thread - I remember taking £10 to about £170 just smashing 1.05/1.10 shots all the time - Then Federer lost me after I backed him at like 1.1 or something silly and lost from a set up and 3 games up.

    Good fun.
  2. SideWinder


    Joined: 12 Jun 2004

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    Location: NW5

    Interesting thread...decided to give this a go. First bet at 1.03 (7.5 goals and under) - random Iraqi game that is 2-1 at half time.

    Edit: So that lasted 2 bets. :o

    I saw a game that had 3 corners in the first half so went for under 9.5 total...then 6 corners happened in 20mins. :p I did go at 1.36 sooo..too greedy!
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  3. Mattus


    Joined: 30 Sep 2003

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    Location: London

    You don't need a formula - you just bet your full balance (including previous days' winnings) on a 1/100 shot each day. But the calculation is £1000 * (1.01^695) = £1,007,755.

    Don't do this, you will lose £1,000, probably inside a couple of months. 1/100 shots lose all the time (especially at bookies as opposed to exchanges, where they'll often be very underpriced).
  4. marti996


    Joined: 19 Nov 2014

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    Location: Southampton

    I remember taking £25 to about £379 on double chance fixtures and losing it all on a last minute free kick for £500 odd.

    I don't think I will ever get over it
  5. RobDogDog

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 8 Aug 2011

    Posts: 1,412

    Never bet your whole amount. Can be wiped out so easily. Have some sort of staking plan.
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  6. TheOracle


    Joined: 30 Sep 2005

    Posts: 12,505

    Dead certs fail all the time. I put a bet on Burnley (premier league) vs Lincoln City (league two), and Lincoln City won :rolleyes:

    There was another one a couple of years ago where Barcelona was playing some unheard of team. Barcelona lost.
  7. TheOracle


    Joined: 30 Sep 2005

    Posts: 12,505

    ok, so two days ago I started looking at the really low odd bets. Here was one

    Man Utd vs Bournemouth
    Odds 1.02 (£10 to make 20p)
    Under 5.5 goals

    I didn't put the bet on, but just wanted to see how likely these low odd bets actually came in

    The match ended 5-2 so the bet lost
  8. Outcast440


    Joined: 26 Jul 2020

    Posts: 51

    For sure, because once the stake gets higher, then just one losing bet will wipe out the entire bank!
    Can't work because of this
  9. Outcast440


    Joined: 26 Jul 2020

    Posts: 51

    I'm gonna join you!
    I'll make the slight change that I'll start with £10, and back up to 1.1 (may adjust stake slightly once it builds up)

    First bet: (tennis) Odds: 1.01 - Win

    Stake now £10.08
  10. booyaka


    Joined: 19 Jan 2006

    Posts: 13,163

    This was originally posted about 9 years ago!
  11. Outcast440


    Joined: 26 Jul 2020

    Posts: 51

    oh well, let's see if it can be revived!

    I actually lost on my second bet - a random football match, backed one team for win at 1.01 and it ended up a draw!

    so much for the system, lol

    will give it another try

    stake back to £10 again.
  12. Jokester


    Joined: 7 Aug 2003

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    Location: Aberdeenshire

    Pretty sure the people that promote these schemes are the ones laying the bets :D
  13. Outcast440


    Joined: 26 Jul 2020

    Posts: 51

    yep, it's Mickey Mouse - tried the tennis a few times - games where one person is 1-0 up in sets, then leading 4-2 in second set are often getting odds of 1.01! Terrible odds, as those games are often turned around to a 2-1 sets winner for the other player
  14. BowdonUK


    Joined: 17 Jan 2016

    Posts: 4,109

    I knew a couple of betting tricks from back in the day. One I'm not sure is legal, though it was told to me it was.

    The other had a special name that I can't remember. But it involved betting different amounts on the top outcomes. It meant that say if you bet on the favourite, second favourite and third favourite, by putting different amounts of bets to win that even if the third favourite won you'd make a small amount of money to cover the other 2 bets and some.

    Why are people using decimal betting? British betting is fractional.

    Update: I think the betting I was describing is called Arbitrage betting, if anyone wants to look it up.
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  15. el_dazza


    Joined: 20 Sep 2005

    Posts: 16,004

    Location: West End, Southampton

    What you described is called dutching, that's backing more than one result. Arbing is backing all results across different bookmakers to ensure a profit, provided the odds are right to do so.