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Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by BubbySoup, 16 Sep 2009.

  1. BubbySoup


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    I have very simple networking needs.

    3 PC's dotted around the house along with my HTPC which currently acts as my media server/home server. It serves me up all my video/audio needs as well as storing all the docs/files for the 3 other machines. It also performs a backup of said docs/files once a week. Nothing too important changes in that time frame so this system works well for me. Occasionally I will stream video/audio to one of the other pc's from it as well.

    My problem is I am running out of HD space and need to expand my storage. Changing the HTPC case is not an option, so I was looking at building a low power PC and setting up a NAS on it, either something like Amahi or FreeNAS.

    But now I am wondering if it is worth the effort. Why not just buy a DAS box, connect it to the HTPC and bung 5 1TB drives in? Access to it would never be unavailable as the HTPC remains on 24/7 and they seem far simpler solutions.

    Anyone using a DAs have any thoughts or comments?

    I was thinking about going for the Edgestore DAS501t