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NEC ND4551 or Pioneer DVR-110BK

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by Dreamcaster, 30 Jan 2006.

  1. Dreamcaster


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    Looking to buy a new dvd-rw drive and i understand these are two of the best ocuk do. Any opinions on which to get?
  2. We are currently testing both while adding them into DVDInfoPro. While I would say that Pioneer have been second to none from the start, in this particular instance the NEC does seem slightly better at the moment. This may change with newer firmware but you are choosing between the best two drives on the market IMHO, either choice would be a good one.

    Author DVDInfoPro
  3. steviec

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    Well I've had a Pioneer 107 which is still running fine in my sons PC, a 108 which I upgraded to the 109 as I got a Aluminium Case, and only a fortnight ago a 110D in Black as I got a Black PC.

    Anyway all drives have worked fine until the 110D which refused to burn ePerformance 52X Discs at any speed above 10x, whilst all the other drives burnt them at the drives maximum speed.

    I have since swapped the 110D out for the NEC 4551 which burns all my discs at maximum speed 48x on the ePerformance 52X Discs.

    BTW all the drives had the manufacturers released latest firmware loaded on them.
  4. maddad68


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  5. smids


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    Labelflash :rolleyes: - use a pen :p. Both drives are good tbh. I think the NEC is louder though. I have the Pioneer and love it but have owned 3 previous NECs before this. Out of the drives, this Pioneer is easily the best.