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Need a little help please (hard drive issue)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by N43SP33D, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. N43SP33D


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    I have a GX 240 running on windows 2000. I bought an additional hard drive for it as my standard 20GIG one was too small. The new hard drive is a maxtor 80GIG. Now the dell machine has only one IDE, but the cable has a primary and a secondary. I set the 20GIG to primary (by changing jumpers) and set the new maxtor drive to slave 9by (removing jumper as it shows on local) Booted up into BIOS and set the primary 1 to auto, rebooted the pc and went back in bios, bios recognises the hard drive showing the correct capacity too. When im in windows 2k its not showing the drive in there, fair enough so i right clicked on my computer went to manage and selected disk management, i get the following error message: Access to disk manger on "my pc name" is denied. You dont have access rights to the service. I have full admin rights btw.

    Can anyone help me out please?