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Need a second screen for pc/360setup

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by turtle3, 19 Feb 2006.

  1. turtle3

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    Hi all I need some advice and hope someone could point me in the right direction

    At the mo I have my pc and 360 set up on the same benq fp91v+ 19" monitor, the pc is a 6800sli and connectec by dvi and the 360 goes into the d sub vga, the screen will display the first device which is turned on eg, pc, then annoyingly if I want to switch on my 360 I have dive deep into the monitor menu via these fiddly little buttons hidden on the underside of the monitor and my finger always find the wrong button or presses two at the same time and it winds me up somethig rotten :mad: Anyway I have saved up near on £500 and the only hardware I can really justify buying is another display, I would keep this current monitor as the main pc screen and would like a widescreen to use with the 360 but also be able to use this a second pc screen (dual setup) and if I want to widescreen game on the pc I could switch. Should I be looking at LCDtv's or at widescreen tft monitors?? I really am confused as to which is best, Ive seen some lcdtv's 27'' for £599 and would love something about this size but would it be ok as a second pc screen. I would really like some recommendations the cheaper the better ;)