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Need ideas on PC spec for a gift.....

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by iv-tecman, 6 Oct 2009.

  1. iv-tecman


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    What I need guys is a full system spec including monitor, speakers and keyboard for my gf’s 16 year old boy…

    He’s going to be using the system for technical CAD (as he will be doing sixth form studies in CAD after his GCSE’s) and some gaming, but I would think a decent sized monitor with a decent amount of memory would be better due to CAD requirements.

    Its his last large Christmas gift as a boy from his mum and family. Between us we’ve got around £650 in the kitty, what the plan is for us to give him all the components wrapped (bare with me on this one – lol) and me and him will build it together Christmas day, as he also wants to learn more about computers..

    Windows 7 needs to be in the price – could I get an OEM version as I’ll be buying a whole system?

    Just give me some ideas guys, appreciate it plenty. PC hardware has changed so much in the last few years, even though I’m quite competent with computers I know the knowledge on here is very high, and I might avoid a compatibility issue with a component by going to a place where gurus are plentiful.

    Thanks all…. Understand some of you get tired of these 'spec me' threads, but this is me trying to cover everything for an important christmas gift.... I promised my gf I'd not let her and her boy down..
  2. 95thrifles

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    Hey tecman, nice present
    Firstly re windows 7, whilst its for xmas, if you order it now (before 22nd Oct) you get it on pre-order price of £65, half the full price, so Id recomend that. Re the rest, can do a basic spec as a guide but youve got to undrstand that between now and beginning/mid december when you order things could change quite a lot (prices/new tech), so whilst this will give you an idea, you probably want a "spec me" nearer the time. If you want to brush up a bit on general harware info, have a read of this thread which may help. I'll do you a specific build now

    OK this comes in just over, 670 with free delivery, but as I say theres a good chance by time you order youll get something slightly better than this and bring it in under price, gives you an idea of where performance will be though

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