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Network cabling and Telephone Systems

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by JonnyT, 17 Jan 2006.

  1. JonnyT

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    Are there any network cabling and/or telephone system experts in here? The company I'm a senoir techie for is due to move office in the next couple of months & there is provisioning in the (newly built) office space for netowrk cabling in the trunking as described as:

    The trunking has provision to install telephone/data outlets.

    As for external telephone wiring into the building, apparently there is:

    underground PVC duct (BT) with draw wire is provided

    At the moment we have no integrated network/telephone cabling in our current office & it is a mess! Our telephone system is a NTL Centrex system with 7 lines (all linked together on a single telephone system) & broadband by BT on a separate line. Ideally I'd like to get the new office cabled up with network ports (RJ45) in the trunking wired up to a patch panel to make everything neat & tidy. While this is not a big issue just for the data cabling, I have seen (& worked in) offices where the telephones plug into the same RJ45 ports as the computers via a dongle & then back at the patch panel the ports the phnoes are plugged into are connected to a separate (telecoms) switch-type-device.

    Can anyone offer the benefit of their experience on this?
  2. T180985


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    We use the rj11 to rj45 dongles where i work and they seem to work pretty well but tbh i have no idea how the phone system works. im pretty sure its possible just plug a rj11 into a jr45 socket so you may not need to use the dongles anwyay
  3. Chief Wiggum

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    you can get the dongles for rj 11 or BT to RJ-45 which may be a good system, the easiest way to preceed then is to get the phone system patched into an RJ45 patch panel, and installed in the network rack - I've seen it done in another office.

    Or you can upgrade the network and add a VoIP system, this would decrease the amount of cabling required as the phones can daisy chain the PCs to the network. Cisco Call manager or Call Manager express is relitivly straight forward. This can move your network forward too - and you can make it multisite if you want to.

    (Just some thoughts)