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new board cpu and ram help pls.

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by janesssssy, 27 Jul 2006.

  1. janesssssy


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    right, went and got.

    Gigabyte 965p-DS3
    Intel Pentium D 805
    2x 1Gb 667 DDR2 - major on 3rd.

    so as i was an AMD boy let me get this straight.

    1. Chip runs a 133Mhz bus (533)
    2. Ram can run at 667Mhz but is only running at 533.
    3. this means i have a lot of head room to OC the chip in 1:1 ratio?
    4. Why cant i see the speed of the memory in CPUz (latest version)
    5. How the bejesus do i OC with this board. the ratios are like 2.3, 3.3 etc...

    I thought it would be a simple case of putting vcore to 1.6 (on water) and leave my finger on the page up button for about 5mins. Well i put it up to 150Mhz on the BUS and PC shut down as soon as it restated.
    By the way the chip i know can do 3.4 on a really bad foxcon board. :confused: :confused: Confused.com

    edit - since yesterday ive put it on auto and clocked the chip up. However got to about 170FSB with about 2.90Ghz and blue screen.
    So thinking it was the chip put the memory on the 3:5 divider and i can clock the PD805 up to 3.4Ghz.
    So this is not the chip from stopping it from clocking, its the memory. But surely its rated to run at 667Mhz (333)

    If anyone can help or point me in the right direction i would be gratful. I have tried the control F1 on the bios screen so i can adjust the hiddin settings. Also i have the F3 bios the most up to date.
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