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New build pending - spec check!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Yozz76, 15 Sep 2009.

  1. Yozz76

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    £900ish is my budget. I plan on sticking with my current case which is a CoolerMaster Mystique. I will also keep my current xfi extreme gamer sound card and dvd/cd drives etc. I have already purchased a new hard drive in preperation for the build which is a 1tb WD Caviar Black. Have been trying to put all the other components together that I need at the £900 budget and have come up with the following but should I buy or can you help me choose smarter? Also, as the build will coincide with release of windows 7 should I wait nearer that time to purchase components?:

  2. PCRHitman


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    What are you plans for the future of your PC? are you planning on going with SLI in the future?

    The 750W is more power than you need for a single GPU system, the Be Quiet Dark Power are better

    a little more money though.

    do you plan on overclocking? is so the Asus P6T Deluxe is a better board, but isn't necessary. The P6T SE will do perfectly, and can sustain a 4GHz over clock on the i7 920.

    I'm running on a P6T which supports SLI where the P6T SE doesn't. both of these boards are slightly less than the EVGA and are goo boards. and relitively well layed out.

    the gainward card is nice, the custom cooler is supprisingly quite, but it does make a noise after some heavy gaming sessions. i'm running the GTX275 version and i'm very happy with the results. I've got the same D0 stepping i7 920, 6GB OCZ Reaper PC3-15000 (1866), and the gainward GTX275. and Crysis runs maxed out in windows 7 as smooth as.

    well thats my limited advice, hope that helps.

    in answer to should you wait to buy them with windows 7, well thats always the question, should i wait a little bit more and the parts will be cheaper. it all depends on how much you want your new pc
  3. paininlife


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    as said above go for Asus P6T deluxe ,or Gigabyte UD5 is best :) ,and Patriot Viper 6GB ram wil b the best
  4. Drake22


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    dont get that graphics card. Extremely ovepriced, for that money you ll be able to get 5870 later this month which will kill that gtx 285 :p

    some weird cooler as well, id suggest titan fenrir

    other than that good spec


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  6. EffBee

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    Yes, I was going to suggest that. My plan is to build a PC early October with a 4890 and give the graphics time to settle, maybe buying something else next spring. I do have the luxury of being able to effectively redeploy the 4890 to another pc in my house though :)
  7. fizzle-187

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    The graphic card is overpriced. Either wait for the 5870 as mentioned above, or go with the GTX275.