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New Coolermaster Elite 430 Black

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Stripes, 6 Jun 2010.

  1. Stripes


    Joined: 2 Feb 2010

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    Location: Hants, UK

    Looks like CM has release a new budget Case, the CM Elite 430. Here's a video review:


    See that way that side-panel flexes? Urgh. Bit-tech has a preview with pictures here:



    1 120mm front fan (included)
    1 120mm floor fan
    2 120mm roof fan
    1 120mm rear fan
    1 120mm side panel fan
    Dust filters for front and roof fans
    Floor mounted PSU with dust filter for floor intake
    'Tool-less' design for installing drive bays
    CPU Cooler Cut-out
    Able to (alledgedly) take 5970-length GFX cards

    I suppose that a $60 price-point probably translates to a £50 case over here, which puts it up against the feature-laden (and out of stock ;) ) Lancool K-58 and Akasa Freedom Xone. I'm pretty sure that aesthetically it doesn't hold a candle to the Antec 300 either, for all the latters' old design, but still has useful features like dust filters and a CPU cooler cut-out.

    I'm not a fan from what I've seen, but at the right price it's an interesting option. If it can get anywhere near the Antec 300 it's a pretty tempting alternative, especially for those with a fetish for black internals. What do you guys thing?
  2. ricky


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    Looks good,ive done a fair few builds in the 335 elite,will have to see what price it is.