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New drive assignment - Decisions, Decisions

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by stoofa, 14 Sep 2009.

  1. stoofa


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    Right, I'm currently getting ready for October 22nd.
    That is the day my copy of Windows 7 will arrive and soon afterwards I'll be rebuilding my machine.
    I shall have the following HD's:

    2x 128GB Crucial SSD
    1x 1TB Western Digital

    And now to the decision.
    Should I go for:

    C - SSD - Windows & Apps - 128GB
    D - SSD - Games - 128GB
    E - WD - Storage, Misc - 1TB


    C - SSD (Raid 0) - Windows, Apps & Games - 256GB
    D - WD - Storage, Misc - 1TB

    Nobody really knows the failure rate on SSD's yet - so not sure if RAID 0 is going to be a risk or not.
    Which way would you do things?
  2. ChileanLlama

    Wise Guy

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    Crucial have a 5yr warranty on their drives...so other than hassle factor not much to worry about. Who knows how good they'll be but yep, could be a greater risk using SSDs in RAID0 if they prove to have a higher failure rate than HDs.

    The performance increase with games might vary, it's better for me on an SSD, but not massively impressive in most the games I play. I notice a bigger improvement in day to day Windows use.

    Going from a single SSD to a RAID0 SSD is not a massive performance difference - it's probably better to get a larger single drive than 2xsmaller ones as it works out slightly cheaper. Benchmarks are almost double the performance but with SSDs being so fast, it's hard to see that in real life use.

    If I were you I'd be tempted to get one 256gb SSD (with a view to getting another later on for RAID0 if you want to try it - when the price is down too ;) ).

    If you want to be a bit more cautious then I'd go with one 128gb drive now - see if you get the improvement you like, and then get a second 128gb drive later on and go with your second scenario.
  3. AbsenceJam


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    RAID is a problem because TRIM won't work.
  4. ChileanLlama

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    Crucial have said they will support TRIM in RAID - but will work on it after TRIM for single drives...whether it happens or not though ???

    Good point :)