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New game releases

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Yas786, 31 May 2006.

  1. Yas786


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    Something i noticed last night while watching a bit of tv last night with my gf, is that theres supposedly a new game coming out for the ps2 and xbox...cant remember the name now:( but it seems to be a pretty decent game from what i saw...some sort of racing game...ends with GT i think.

    Anyways :o now that the 360 has been out for sometime, i would have thought the game developers would have at least made a version of that game for the 360...but from what i saw of the ad..it didnt mention anything about a version being available for the 360.

    So why is that??, is it because the 360 is too new a console for them to program etc. It would be kinda nice if the game developers did make version of games that are already out on the xbox/ps2 for the 360..ie port them over. I'd love to play brian lara cricket in all its hd goodness. i know a few games on the xbox itself are sort of backwards compatible with the 360. But id rather have them re-program it so it works on the 360 in all its hd goodness.

    So anyone shed any light on this??...or is it a case of waiting a bit and invariably these games that are being released on the ps2/xbox will be ported over to the 360??.

    Thoughts please:)
  2. miracleboy

    Wise Guy

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    Not sure which game you mean - the only upcoming GT one I can think of is GTR, but that's for the 360.

    It could be that the game code has been in development for a long time (pre 360) and was on hold, hence only being released after 360 and not for 360 (if that makes sense).
  3. Ultra_Extreme

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    I dont understand? I game has to have been in development for around 2-3 years before release, its not like they just make one in a few days.

    2-3 years ago PS2 was top dog and 360 was just paper specs. Early Dev kits started getting to software houses about 1- year before launch and mixing that with PC tech and the on paper stuff dev's could start creating games and transcoding titles (like burnout Revenge) for the new console.

    Consoles work in waves, if you will. You will get batch 1 which are the launch games, usually from big corporate partners of the console manufacturer like EA or direct from MS/sony/ninty etc these devs had the kits and info before anyone and worked in tandem many years before the console comes out to provide good launch material to showcase the new machine, at a considerable risk.

    Then you get the pre-release machines (batch2) that most companies will order and recieve around 1year to 6 months before the console hits the shops. The games made on these will turn up over the first year of a consoles life with some bigger projects shifting along to batch 3. Batch 2 stage is where we are with 360 atm, titles trickling in all the time but few major new ones that aren't multi platform affairs. It should be obvious that this is because pure, quality games dedicated for the 360 cannot really exist yet as no one has really had the 2 years tiome on a final Dev kit to do so.

    I use the term batch but it is not a technical term just one ive made u8p to summarise the events. There are people on the forums involved in software and so if im far out im sure i'll be corrected.
  4. roboffer


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    I recall seeing an ad for this, defeintely had GT in there somewhere. No idea what it was called, but you werent dreaming. :p
  5. Yas786


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    Hehe good stuff, i knew i wasnt dreaming but seriously it looks like a good game...i was just wondering why they havent released a version for the 360 or perhaps they will be as it looks like a pretty good game and i would imagine it would look much better in HD.