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New Mortal Kombat Film?

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by sanaxe1, 8 Jun 2010.

  1. sanaxe1


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    Location: Nottingham

  2. peterattheboro


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    :D :D :D :D :D

    Had a massive grin on my face watching that.

    Though where's Liu Kang?
  3. Deiwos


    Joined: 30 Nov 2006

    Posts: 3,180

    I really hope this is film rather than game trailer. Looks so good!
  4. Spektor


    Joined: 14 Feb 2008

    Posts: 4,234

    That actually looks pretty decent, guess they've removed outworld entirely from the plot to ground it somewhat.
  5. peterattheboro


    Joined: 24 Sep 2005

    Posts: 20,038

    Location: Middlesbrough

    Ohh yeah, it better be a film!!
  6. Fenris


    Joined: 3 Feb 2009

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    Location: Brighton, UK.

    Wow. OK. That looks AMAZING.

    Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade? YES PLEASE.

    Also, this is what flashes on screen towards the end:


    Sub Zero looks a bit messed up huh.

    Hope this is a movie.
    Last edited: 8 Jun 2010
  7. leoncc

    Wise Guy

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    Location: Derby

    8 minute trailer looks great, hope it is the next movie.
  8. SkeeterUK


    Joined: 24 Oct 2005

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    Location: North East

    Hope they have a decent director and a good budget. Otherwise we will get the crap we had with mk 1 and 2 films.

    Also i hope goro is in it and the old guy in mk1.

    Edit = Hmm just watched it, does look ok tho the fighting looked a bit pap and too fake lookin also i hate it when they change things i mean baraka or whatever hes called looked alot diff in mk 2. Oh and reptile looks crap i prefered the crap movies version which looked good for subzero and scorpian and reptile.

    Hmm wonder if they will do the games special fatalities hehe that would be cool.
    Last edited: 8 Jun 2010
  9. Hooa


    Joined: 29 Aug 2009

    Posts: 374

    O M G could be really good :D
  10. bsoltan


    Joined: 16 Oct 2005

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    Location: Milton Keynes

    In the comments someone posts this link:

    So it looks like it is testing the water to see how people react and to see if it would be worth making a film like that.
  11. peterattheboro


    Joined: 24 Sep 2005

    Posts: 20,038

    Location: Middlesbrough

    How old is the video? It's hugely popular already and going down a treat. A really good sign that this film will be made :D

    And I really hope Jeri Ryan is in it. She's perfect for Sonya.
  12. Andelusion


    Joined: 1 Oct 2003

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    Location: Huddersfield

    Sonya Blade: Jeri Ryan

  13. ncjok


    Joined: 17 Jan 2004

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    Dayum. Naughty concept trailer, I love it. Though I worry that such scenes wouldn't make it past the film censorship, I mean classification, board. Violent film with a video game tie-in... fingers crossed, anyway.
  14. dakaiez


    Joined: 7 Jan 2004

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    Location: North London

    Looks brilliant, would love for this to come out as to be honest i thought the other two were poor.
  15. Margaret


    Joined: 15 Nov 2006

    Posts: 16,535

    The first Mortal Kombat was a decent watch.
  16. samir_ansari


    Joined: 17 Sep 2009

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    Location: London

    I can tell you that this is infact in production because I know one company have already been working on the vfx for it for a while now.

    Its a shame what they've done to baraka - doesn't look like baraka at all anymore....just some guy. Why do films based on games and comics try so hard sometimes to re-invent the characters which made the franchise popular in the first place? Never understood that one.

    Maybe in this case they are just trying to paddle desperately away from the rubbish attempts that have come before (MK 1 and MK:Annihilation) :p

    EDIT: Yea MK 1 wasn't SO bad but Annihilation was a bit of a disaster
  17. dakaiez


    Joined: 7 Jan 2004

    Posts: 5,699

    Location: North London

    True, but still wasn't that brilliant. Did enjoy it though, so maybe was a little to harsh in my last post.
  18. Nix


    Joined: 26 Dec 2005

    Posts: 19,841

    Johnny Cage is dead already? :(
  19. JayToukon


    Joined: 19 Mar 2010

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    Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

    He gets killed at the beginning of MK2.
  20. Naffa


    Joined: 4 Sep 2005

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    Location: Bristol

    They're not continuing the same time line...Need I say how Johnny Cage gets killed in Annihilation? Or the fact that half of the characters in that video should already be dead? :p

    Agree. :(