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New to overclocking, MSI K8n Neo4 f BIOS settings?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by steve45, 16 Jan 2006.

  1. steve45


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    Ok so, this is really the first time i've really tryed to have a go at overclocking from the BIOS, its time i learned.
    now i've read up on it and kinda think i have an idea of what i'm doingbut i need some thing cleared up.
    this is a long one so please bare with me.

    the equipment.
    A64 3700+
    MSI K8n Neo4 F(MS-7125)
    Geil value 1gb(2x512mb) PC3200

    i found that the terms applyed to the settings in guides differ from from the ones in my BIOS, so i need to have a few things cleared up before i go ahead, once i get this cleared up i shouldnt have too much trouble working it out from there on in.
    this is my BIOS cell screen

    the FSB multiplier, is this the 'Adjust CPU Ratio' setting? its the only setting that seems to have the corrosponding values i.e 11, 10.5, 10, 9... and so on.

    HT frequency, the one i have highlighted, what does this setting change?

    see this is the bit that gives me the most headaches, where do i find the RAM:FSB divider? i hear people talking of 1:1 and 5:4 or 5x and 4x but i'm unable to find a corrisponding setting, i keep hearing you have to try and keep it at 1000mhz or less, i also hear its automaticly set at 5x, for PC3200 should i be setting this to 4x if i want to be upping my FSB, again though i'm not sure which setting this is under.
    or is it just a case of going into the ram settings page and lowering the rams frequency until it fits under 1000mhz.
    what would give me the better results?

    2T/1T - what is the purpose of this? which is better? how will it effect my peformance? would i even be able to use this?

    also why should i lower the FSB multiplier? what advantages are gained by lowering it to 10x from the stock 11x?

    i assume that if i want to go to lets say for an example 2.5ghz, would i set my multiplier to 10x slowly up my FSB to 250 set my mem divider so it stays under 1000mhz, to be honest i'd like to saty away from upping any voltages just now until i'm a bit more comfortable with what i'm doing.

    or am i not understanding this at all and that is a lot of garbage.

    alot of questions i know, but any help will be greatly appreciated.