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Newish Albums for Old Goth

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by melchy, 6 Feb 2006.

  1. melchy


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    Came across a few new/newish CD's in recent times that may be of interest to the old goths in here.

    N.F.D (Noise for Destruction) - No Love Lost

    I'd seen N.F.D mentioned a fair bit but had never really thought about buying the CD. I managed to pick it up cheaply about a month or so ago, and promptly kicked myself for not buying it earlier. A instantly recognisable style (which isnt suprising considering some of the band members). Blackened and Turbine are the CD's highlights for me (both of which can be heard on the site). Highly recommened. It was released in 2004 and there's a new album on the way shortly.


    Simon Hinkler - Lose the Faith

    I bought this not knowing whether it would be good or bad. Its little more than an album recored in a bedroom studio and has no large publisher backing. Can be bought soley from his website. The style again is instantly recognisable, with the first 4 or so songs being the CD's highlights.


    Last Rites - Guided By Light
    Last Rites - The Many Forms

    Quite interesting CD's and fairly experimental in a few ways. A very atmospheric mix of guitar and electronic. Again little more than bedroom recordings without major publisher backing. I found it took a few listens but they are both definately growers. Guided By Light in my view is the better album, but both have their ups and downs. There's still the odd recognisable guitar riff in there ;)


    I've deliberately not mentioned band personnel or their links to other bands. Go out and discover that yourself if you're interested :) :D :p
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