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Nice gaming monitor with 2ms?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Bezinator, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. Bezinator


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    Had a look on OCuk and saw a few, whats so special about gaming monitors and how much of a diff is there REALLY between 2ms and 8ms apart from 6ms ;)
  2. Baddass


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    the latest generation of gaming monitors have taken advantage of overdrive technologies (more info here) which have been used to boost grey to grey transitions. If you see a screen with a response time listed as G2G then it should mean it uses some level of overdrive / response time compensation. The old generation didn't use this and you can pretty easily identify those models which don't.

    In the TN Film market, the 8ms generation were the limit before overdrive, and now newer gaming models all use varying levels of overdrive. In practice this does a very good job of boosting grey to grey transitions in some of the better models and this results in improved responsiveness in real use. The latest 4ms, and 2ms models use high levels of overdrive to achieve this quoted spec and do offer an improvement over traditional non-overdriven screens.

    Be wary of other panel technologies though as they may use overdrive anyway (if quoted as G2G) but the traditional non-overdriven panels are slower. For instance:

    MVA panels - traditional limit was about 20-25ms, now with overdrive we see respons times listed as commonly 8ms G2G. Big improvements thanks to overdrive.

    PVA panels - traditionally limited to about 20ms, now commonly as 8ms G2G or 6ms G2G generations. The latter offer significant improvements in practice whereas the 8ms G2G rated generation of PVA panels didn't really offer any practical improvements despite overdrive being used (poorly)

    IPS panels - traditionally limited to about 16ms, now getting to 8ms G2G commonly, occasionally some rated at 6ms G2G. Big improvements with overdrive in this area

    TN Film - traditionally stuck at 8ms, now getting as low as 2ms (and soon 1ms) thanks to overdrive. Differences explained above in more details, but certainly some improvements. Varying levels of overdrive control however mean you cant always rely on printed specs