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Nigeria scam - it's getting worse...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by barnettgs, 6 Jun 2006.

  1. barnettgs


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    I have been using eBay for about 3 years but lately, it is getting unbelievable worse. But I think it's the digital cameras that are attracted to them.

    At the moment, at every turn I tried to sell my camera on internet, I get e-mails from Nigeria. :rolleyes:

    I placed camera on eBay last week and was sold quickly after a couple of days with buy it now price. I got confirmation e-mail from ebay and I noticed the buyer's address is in USA which I wasn't pleased with because my auction stated I ships to UK only. However, I got a e-mail from this same buyer with...you guessed it - Nigeria address! I went mad because my first listing was failed with paypal payment reversed (something to do with fraud buyer but dunno where he/she from though) and now, my second listing is gone with nigeria scammer!

    I checked what this buyer has been up to, I noticed he has just won several expensive items over few days and I have been reported to eBay few times 3 days ago regarding this buyer but eBay seemed to be taking so long to de-register this user to stop him continuing his spam/fraud. As I'm typing, I'm sure he is still doing it.

    So I was disguised with eBay's handling of this user, (and still charged with final value fee/listing - can't claim it back until 10 days or member de-registered) I decided to put it on amazon.co.uk marketplace instead.

    A couple of days later, I got e-mail from someone called Mary (via amazon's messaging system) interested in my camera and asked if I could e-mail her a link to my item in amazon.co.uk. I thought that was odd especially that she have seen my camera and asked me to send them a link.

    So I just e-mailed her with a link provided. Next day, I got a confirmation e-mail from amazon.co.uk that my camera was purchased by Mary and I also got e-mail from Mary asking if I could dispatch it with tracking number. I replied saying no problem but I have a strange feeling. Because I noticed the amazon's charge for placing item is different and then scroll down, to check the address for sending address. Yep, again, it's Nigeria address! :mad:

    Checking confirmation e-mail, lol it was so convincing so I opened firefox and logged in to amazon.co.uk, my camera isn't sold yet! I realised that 'confirmation' mail was actually fake so I decided to give her/him a waiting game!

    Which is why Mary asked me to provide a link in email to my item in the first place - to trick my mind into thinking she is going to buy my camera and then I got 'confirmation' mail, which convinced your mind, linking it to the link you sent to her/him in the first place. I have to say scammers/fraudsters in Nigeria have done their homework, a very clever piece of work but then, they may have failed me but by any chance, they would fool any newbie into sending their items to Nigeria only to find out in reality that their item hasn't been sold or been paid for.

    I honest don't know what to do as the third hundle at selling my FujiFilm F11 has failed! I'm not so sure about selling it eBay as what happened has dented my trust in eBay/Paypal and also they were so slow (or better still, soft!) to de-register any scammers/fraudsters. It's no wonder why eBay is still attractive place for nigeria fraudsters.

    For some informations on how to prevent scammers which I just found out recently: http://members.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=redalligator1

    Bank Transfer - alternate payment method to PayPal:

    I hope this will be something useful for you! :)
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  2. ElRazur


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    Man, i know how you feel...sorry, I am Nigerian and i feel ashamed :( when stuff like this comes up. You can relist else where i suppose..
  3. Steve


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    do a preapproved bidders auction.

    the buy i now should never be used on electrical goods due to the Nigerian menace.

    When I sold my N90 I go done over due to the buy it now so had to relist (you get your final listing fee back) I then looked at all the other n90 auctions going on and noted down all the 0 feedback brand new accounts that had bid or won the auction and reported everyone to ebay as scamming gits.

    Ebay zapped everysingle one of the blighters leaving my auction relativly unmolested, I did get the odd new account bid but you just cancel them and report them to ebay for execution

    it is a pain as an ebay auction should be easy :(
  4. barnettgs


    Joined: 22 Jan 2005

    Posts: 2,804

    Location: N Ireland

    Hey, it's not your fault that they are doing it. No hard feeling. ;)
  5. barnettgs


    Joined: 22 Jan 2005

    Posts: 2,804

    Location: N Ireland

    Sounds worthwhile to me, might try that.