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Northwood P4 3.06 Asus P4P 800-X OverCl.

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by StormMaker, 6 Jun 2006.

  1. StormMaker


    Joined: 3 Jun 2006

    Posts: 4

    Hi My name is Jimmy im from Sweden.
    Nice to be here ,hope you all feel alright.

    You can help me tweek my PC i hope.
    We can see anyway ;)

    I have a P4 NorthWood 3.06 Cpu.
    Motherbord Is a Asus P4P 800-X
    Memory is "4" 512 Mb Kingston 3200 Cl.3 400 mzh
    480 W power

    I have a Zalman 9500 to cool my CPU.
    And about 8 fans in my modded Chassi.

    I have a Inno3d 7800 GS Card.

    An Audgity 4 soundcard...thats all...almost..

    Hm..i have a Controler card to to run two of my 4 harddrives.

    My temp to my Cpu is 32 degres.
    Motherbord is the same.

    7800 GS is 42 degres in Windows and 55 when you Benchmark and Play.
    I have OC it to 490/1500 and i get i Aquamark 70000 points ,runs well.

    I have overclocking to 3450 MZh ,23 multilplayer.
    1.6 volt to Cpu and i have choose to bios handel DDR timings.
    I notice that i get a better result in Sisioft sandra 2007 if i do that ,but i can trust all this test to 100%

    What can i do so i can overclock some more?.
    I dont have intresst in watercooling.

    Now i have a storm in my Chassi in a positive way ;) get all the hot air out and cool in...

    Can yo say some tips ,like memory tweeks or Other tips to get a better motherbord for OC.
    Abit 7 something...who can get me higher volt to Cpu for exampel...
    Anything is of intresst..

    I have read that 2.8 P4 can go up to 3.7 MZh and my Cpu is good for OC.

    Since -96 i fix PC but you never learn everything.
    So please lern me some more :)

    Best regards Jimmy ,my mail is Jímmy1973@Hotmail.com
  2. Sir Random


    Joined: 4 Aug 2003

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    Location: Wicklow, Ireland

    I presume you've tried going higher than 150fsb? Have you tried increasing the voltage any higher? 1.7v?

    You said you get better results with Bios settings for memory, so what timings have you tried?
    Is the cpu/ram divider set at 3:4? At 150 fsb and a 3:4 divider, your ram is running at it's default 400Mhz. It may not like going any higher, because you're using all 4 slots.
    It's much harder to overclock 4 sticks of ram than 2, so you might get better results by just using the 2 best sticks you have.

    The P4P800 should be ok for overclocking, I doubt you'd get that much more from a different mobo.

    That's the 2.8c (fsb 200Mhz). Your chip is a 3.06b (fsb 133). 3.45Ghz is a good o/c for that chip on air, you're probably close to it's limit with conventional overclocking.
  3. StormMaker


    Joined: 3 Jun 2006

    Posts: 4


    Hi! Thanks for your answer.
    I have tried different timings in bios for my DDR and 2, , 2,, that's all i think.
    If i choose 2, i can' start windows.

    I can't go higher than 1.6 volt on my motherbord :(
    I read that a Abit 7 Mb can change the volt moore ,to 1.8 something at most.

    So you think i have get a good OC on air on my 3.06 :)
    On air this 3450 is the best i can get like you say.
    Now i know to why a p4 2.8 can go higher.

    Is a Prescott 3.4 a good bye for me? 478 slot..
    In Sweden we cant by them anymoore ,the 478 slot is fading away....

    I just forget to say that i can overclock to 3500 and it stable in windows ,but when i play sometimes the PC crach..

    Best regards Jimmy
    Last edited: 6 Jun 2006
  4. Sir Random


    Joined: 4 Aug 2003

    Posts: 2,636

    Location: Wicklow, Ireland

    You could try 3500 again, with just your 2 best sticks of ram, or set the cpu/ram divider to 1:1. That will tell you if it's the overclocked ram that's crashing the games, or your cpu.
  5. StormMaker


    Joined: 3 Jun 2006

    Posts: 4


    Tanks for your tips.
    I have spend all evening to read about cpu/ram divider and other things.
    You have help me lern alot about this divider stof.

    My memory runs in 386 mhz now.
    Bus speed is 596 mhz
    Cpu 4500 mhz
    When i make my memory a little bit slower i can get the cpu up to 3510 Mhz.
    But my memory runs in 306 mhz then.

    At toms hardware i read that it's better to have higher speed for the memory than higher speed on the cpu on a smal level.

    This is for newer games handel's the grafic card and ddr memory more than cpu.
    But i think ,more cpu power= more speed..anyway...strange..

    But for me to go from 3450 mhz to 3500 and then have a memory loss of 80 mhz is not better if i should belive Toms HW..

    Im not a pro in this ,can this be right or can i do a other way around this Or ;) this is the best speed i can get so i have to get watercooling or bye a new cpu :)

    Im going to spend a litte time with bios now ,to tweek some moore..

    *smile Jimmy

    Best Regards