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not sure if this should go here, but

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by turbotoaster, 26 Mar 2006.

  1. turbotoaster

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    ive finally cracked ati tool with my crossfire setup,my best run was 16008 using just ati ccc, my first run on 3dmark with my new settings was 702/750, which was giving my a better fps, but it crashes on the canyon level, tried downclocking the cpu to cut that out and its the same thing, was sure it was the cards, so turned on the 3d box on ati tool, and the cards are pulling 44amp, which is way to much and then crashed

    i have a tagan 580w psu which will do 20a split or 35a comb

    i guess i need another PSU but dont know what to go for, i need 30amp per rail min just to be on safe side

    i now this is more hardware, but it will help me beat my 3dmark scores, shame as well becuase it was on for a mid 16k with the run as well

    if ya know of somewhere, other than here just pm me, as it would most appricated