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Nvidia Gt240 possible problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by kc101nivek, 18 Feb 2010.

  1. kc101nivek


    Joined: 17 Feb 2010

    Posts: 15

    Hi there
    this is my first post so i hope im in the right place.

    OK,I use the pc for general pc stuff and i play World of Warcraf,and the odd dabble on cod 4.
    The problem is when raiding(this is playing with multiple players online) and lots of things are happening on screen(this does not always happen by the way)i start to get jittery graphics,which stutter and affect fps,this also affects the sound making it crackle as the graphics stutter.If i exit the game everything else is still stuttery and affecting graphics and sound.

    This problem only clears itself,normally if i manually put the fan onto 80-100%(approximately),i normally have the fan set on auto,which in my opinion should be fine but i never hear it working,if i set the fan at 10% i can hear it work,but i never hear it on auto??
    The gpu however never goes above 60-62 degrees(these temps and fan numbers are all from zotacs own program,Firestorm.
    Anyhow heres a list of stuff i have tried...

    uninstalled/reinstalled card(i always remove old drivers etc)
    changed my power pack to the coolermaster below(as gt240 requires 300w 18a)
    tried older and newer sound drivers
    reseating the card
    different game settings
    tried older and most recent graphics drivers
    the issue does not happen on onboard graphics(but the onboard graphics are rubbish :) )

    I have contacted Zotac,who were part helpful and part saying the card is fine ,i have one in my desktop and it runs ok ,change your motherboard etc etc until finally 1 tec guy said try sending it back to where you bought it!
    So i have just sent it back to ******,now if they test it and its ok,i will end up getting it back,although i have asked for a credit note or exchange.

    If i get a credit note i would also like advice on what my system could run,maybe an at 5750 or nvidia gts250??

    here is my system i hope someone may have an answer or something helpful they can share...

    Acer Aspire M3800
    psu 460w coolermaster
    750gb hdd
    4gb transcend ddr3 ram
    Zotac gt240 1gb
    windows 7 premium 64 bit
    intel quad core q8300 @ 2.5ghz
    1 dvd rewriter
    1 set of card readers
    onboard intel g45 express chipset
    im using the onboard sound

    many thanks in advance