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nVidia GT300 - GeForce GTX 380 yields are sub-30%

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Final8y, 24 Jun 2009.

  1. RizlaKing

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 14 Jan 2008

    Posts: 2,053

    Location: UK

    I want more then just leaked rumours to take nvidia seriously though and when they release something of substance then i might pay attention but bland "it's going to be faster then the 5870" makes me think they are just trying to put people off buying without commiting themselves to a damn thing.
  2. Dark_Angel


    Joined: 12 May 2005

    Posts: 12,637

    Very good point.

    If the one doesn't have competition, they can charge more... and can be more lazy when it comes to better drives/bug fixing.

  3. fornowagain


    Joined: 3 Nov 2004

    Posts: 9,835

    Location: UK

    DirectX 11 - Not Important

    Oh dear.
    Last edited: 17 Sep 2009
  4. <Dubz>

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 1,976

    Location: Swindon. =)

    i wish one would come and buy the fab i work in, it's been here 50 years and is closing in a month. I like my job and want to keep it :(.

    The equipment will be key to the new processes, your always limited is what size transistors you can make based apon your kit. Being able to print several million transistors across an 8 inch silicon wafer requires extreme precision and enviromental control, as it gets smaller it's going to get alot harder t achieve higher yields (defects being a big issues).
  5. Rroff

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

    Posts: 74,223

    Sooo basically they are gonna throw their resources into taking a hatchet to DX11... I hope people aren't so naive to think "microsoft won't let it happen"...
  6. fornowagain


    Joined: 3 Nov 2004

    Posts: 9,835

    Location: UK

    I guess that means GT300 really is in trouble. Well at least we now know have they intend to respond to RV870. Keep selling old tech and make the most of marketing 'proprietary technologies'. Abandon DX11 altogether, shrink and re-brand G200.
    Last edited: 17 Sep 2009
  7. Perfect_Chaos


    Joined: 26 Aug 2004

    Posts: 4,694

    Location: South Wales

    what the hell are nvidia on? they are acting as if they don't care about graphics/framerates when they know full well that's what always advances and for good reason.

    are they not going to have DX11 in their new cards?, if not how can they say they expect their new cards to be faster than ATI's? maybe in DX9 and 10 but not 11 titles.

    So the news about them making pretty much built from the ground up cards is a joke.
  8. marley82


    Joined: 2 Sep 2009

    Posts: 347

    Wasnt intel going to make some gfx cards or did i read something wrong?
  9. Azza


    Joined: 6 Dec 2005

    Posts: 35,801

    Location: Birmingham

    A big green LOL from me.

  10. Perfect_Chaos


    Joined: 26 Aug 2004

    Posts: 4,694

    Location: South Wales

    I was hoping to go with nVidia again, because the 5870's seem to lack performance in the games that nvidia exceed in like UT3 and some others, so it's not just those games affected if others use the same engine.

    Unless drivers can fix that, i doubt it though.
  11. layte

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 14 Jun 2008

    Posts: 2,344

    All the OEM buyers telling them to GTFO and picking up parts that let them market PC's (no matter how crappy) as DX11 might make them think twice. As we all know, that is where the big money is made. Anyway, DX11 is already here, so it is too late for the big green hatchet.

    If you say that DX11 does not matter enough times, you might even convince yourself.
  12. Mal X


    Joined: 25 Jun 2009

    Posts: 7,668

    it's all a load of ********.............get the 5870 X2

    If this new GT300 wont have DX11......then this makes a cut price MARS a good buy, but it'd have to drop a hell of a long way..hang around, it's actually getting more expensive :eek::eek::eek:

    no forget that :D:D............let's wait and see
    Last edited: 17 Sep 2009
  13. queamin


    Joined: 17 Nov 2005

    Posts: 3,511

    what a load of bull.yes some will buy a card for gpgpu and that might improve in the near future but for now most will get a card for games.
    I thought this might happen as the direction they were taking with gpgpu but it still might be a killer card we need to wait and see.
  14. lotus7


    Joined: 12 Jun 2007

    Posts: 194

    Location: Cricklade

    Sorry to hear that, I worked in the cheney manor fab in the early 90s.

    If only the government had invested half the money they gave the bankers into industry...

    Good luck.
  15. SfnX

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 9 Apr 2009

    Posts: 1,134

    Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

    +2 alot if not all of us buy graphics cards to just play games, what else is there to do with them anyway apart from some special features...which are used in games as well.
  16. SE-Lain


    Joined: 11 Nov 2003

    Posts: 124

    Location: Glasgow, Scotland

    Don't worry, Nvidia's new GPUs will have dx11 compliancy. They're temporarily downplaying the importance of dx11 in a feeble attempt to downplay the release of the ATI 5800 series.

    Just wait, when the GT300 cards are finally released, they'll be bragging about a superior dx11 implementation i.e. "dx11 done right" or some other equally defaming campaign.
  17. ntarki


    Joined: 8 Sep 2009

    Posts: 35

    :o lets wait and see who wins the benchmarks
    Last edited: 17 Sep 2009
  18. jigger


    Joined: 28 May 2007

    Posts: 13,619

    Yes they are, but its doubtful they will jump in at the deep end. The last rumour was the cards would be from the midrange down.
  19. RizlaKing

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 14 Jan 2008

    Posts: 2,053

    Location: UK

    That statement from nvidia is quite worrying and if that is the mindset the company has then they are in serious trouble also says a lot about their belief in a dx11 g3xx card which they have been working on and that statement seems to confirm it isn't going very well at all.
  20. Duff-Man


    Joined: 24 Jun 2004

    Posts: 10,977

    Location: Manchester

    The more I read into things, the more I feel that nvidia is more concerned with the GPGPU market than they are with the traditional video market, at least right now. Scientific computation and modelling software is slowly being adapted to GPGPU technology, and the potential for growth in this field is immense. I feel that nvidia are more concerned with creating a viable competitor for larabee than for AMDs gaming cards.

    It does make some sense I suppose... The growth of GPGPU products is exponential right now, whereas the PC video card market isn't far off flat. Nvidia have already established themselves in the PC video market, having a good relationship with OEMs and having established themselves as the market leader in the minds of casual gamers (TWIMTBP etc). A second consecutive "win" for ATI (with the 4800 and 5800 series) will erode this, but only slowly. They will retain a good market share for the next couple of years, even with inferior products.

    When the next-gen consoles are announced, we will no doubt see nvidia and ATI fighting for contracts once again. It's a fair bet that one will build the hardware for MS, whereas the other will build the hardware for Sony.

    Anyway, I think these are very interesting times :)