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OC(UK) Host Review :-)

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by Adz, 8 May 2005.

  1. baz_


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    hey guys, any recommendations for reseller Cpanel hosts? Ive seen a lot of resellers that charge a fortune for what i would class as standard such as litespeed, I was looking at stablehost but they want £59 per month for litespeed which has been normal in Cpanel for many years.
  2. superleeds27

    Wise Guy

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    Stablepoint or Krystal.

    From what i've heard and read, Litespeed isn't really needed?
  3. Steeps


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    Krystal have a reseller package which is great for more normal sites, think they have Litespeed by default. They're working on a new package for Lightmage as the hosting I need wants 2gb ram for software installation (but doesn't need it for usage). I was tempted with the stablepoint package but I only need 10 accounts and I don't think I can persuade my employer to jump from £18/mo to £60 when we only need the extra cpanel accounts for legacy sites we can't delete yet.
  4. WoodyUK


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    Litespeed isn't something that is standard or commonly offered without an increase in cost, to give you an idea of what it costs the hosts to have it installed on a server:

    I can honestly say that it's not even installed on 5% of the cPanel servers out there and it's only really beneficial (from a price per performance perspective) to e-commerce stores or oversold shared web-hosting servers.

    20i and Krystal are good for performance / price if you prefer a top-name brand.
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