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OCZ 2GB PC4000 Dual Channel Gold GX XTC Series and Opteron 146

Discussion in 'Memory' started by malccy, 31 Jan 2006.

  1. malccy

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    have retuned my limping set of Ballistix and have some OCZ pc4000 arriving soon. From what I can gather the OCZ's will only go as far as about 260 1:1 so am wondering if someone can help by telling me how to get a 2.8+ clock with my Opteron 146; I previously had my ballistix running at 280x10 1:1 (only at 2T though). Really appreciate a bit of guidence.

    Many thanks Malccy
  2. 00fil00


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    well as far as i can gather from reading about memory for my new 146 for the last 2 - 3 months trying to pick my own kit, dividers dont hurt your pc at all so it doesnt really matter. im just going to get the 2gigs pc4000 platinum with low timings just incase, even though timings dont do a whole lot either.
  3. mp260767


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    as mentioned take the memory divider down a notch and it should run at 1t.