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OCZ Revodrive, any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Smudge, 3 Jun 2010.

  1. Smudge


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    I did a quick search & couldnt find any info on this here, so thought i'd ask the people of OCUK their thoughts.

    It's a 120GB PCIE SSD solution, 540MB/s for reads, 530MB/s for writes, and 75,000 IOPS.

    Looks good at first glance.

    Heres a link to an article (mods please remove if im breaking any rules with the link).


  2. Zarf


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    If the price is right, that looks nice. Should be around £3/GB after VAT is whacked on.

    Still, considering it's just a couple of Indilinx drives in raid0, It might be cheaper to just buy a couple of SATA Vertexes and raid them manually. There's no advantage to PCI-E over onboard unless they are able to hit >600MB/s where onboard bottlenecks out.