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Odd Question Regarding DNA

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Walliam, 4 May 2006.

  1. Walliam


    Joined: 24 Jan 2006

    Posts: 50

    Me and a friend were arguing about poo and DNA, as you do.

    So to put it simply, can you get a DNA sample from a lump of poo?
  2. axe


    Joined: 1 May 2006

    Posts: 600


    "We have successfully identified krill species from the DNA in poo of blue whales"

    lots of these took me 5 secs
  3. SidewinderINC


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  4. Greenlizard0

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  5. Walliam


    Joined: 24 Jan 2006

    Posts: 50

    Does that include human turd?
  6. Mat


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    All turds...
  7. Lostkat


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

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    It's been studied, but I don't imagine it's easy since you excrete mainly waste matter (which isn't part of you and thus doesn't carry your DNA). Any "bits" of you that you exctrete (old blood cells, epithelia from the lining of the gut, etc. etc. etc.) will be degraded due to the digestion process, and this would make it more difficult to extract decent DNA samples from. It can be done though.

    I'm referring to getting a person's own DNA from their stool sample here btw.
  8. Meridian

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    Yes. Used to be done by mitochondrial, but the advent of LCN (low copy number) has meant that it can be used for DNA profiling from faeces. It is possible because the outside of the stool contains a lot of shed skin from the gut, not all of which has been de-natured by all the digestive enzymes.

  9. PikeyPriest

    Wise Guy

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    Yes. I can multiply copies of RNA/DNA in blood that have been sitting at room temperature for a few hours. PCR is very useful.
  10. Rich_L


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    So there ya go fellas, if you're going to rob a bank, don't poo in the vault!
  11. Roduga


    Joined: 19 Jan 2004

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    Unless you use shampoo.

    (stolen from M.A.S.H. It was better at the time)