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Oil service BMW E46 325i

Discussion in 'Motors' started by toyotacelicagt4, 24 Apr 2010.

  1. toyotacelicagt4


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    Afternoon all,

    Just a update/more info regarding the price for an oil service on my car. I was recommended taking my car to Hughes Brothers in Derby as they are local to me and are one of the best BMW specialist's in the Midlands. I asked for the cost of a oil service and was shocked at how much it was. Now being a specialist rather than a main dealer I thought they'd be a lot cheaper but here is what I found out....Both include oil, oil filter, microfilter & labour

    Cost of oil service on my 325i petrol:

    Hughes Brothers £155
    BMW Statstone £129

    I think this is the first time where a main dealer has been cheaper than a specialist. Is there any reason you guys can think of why I shouldn't take it to the main dealer?

  2. Mr_Sukebe

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    During the 3 years I owned my E46, always had mine serviced by the main dealer. I was pleasantly surprised by their pricing.
    Have to say that the only scary thing I've seen from moving to a Volvo is how much they want for servicing. An inspection2 from BMW was £320. Volvo want £590, which I think is utterly outragious. I don't see me ever having it serviced by a main dealer.
  3. Duke

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  4. [TW]Fox

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    BMW have a new range of servicing for E39 and E46 vehicles which gives you decent value, fixed cost prices. No reason not to, really.

    I rarely bother with indys, they are never cheap enough.