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old pc parts needed!! for mod

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by ic0n, 20 Jan 2006.

  1. ic0n


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    me and some friends are looking at fitting a working pc in strage cases and the first one we want to do it a xbox case but we need the parts for this mod and other mods we will be taking on at a later date

    at the mo we are looking to c how much it will cost so if you have old pc parts ready for the tip let us know.

    (note to admin: any parts not being donated will be from ocuk so we want tips on small parts that run cold)
  2. a1ex2001


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    If you want to put stuff in little boxes like an X-box your going to need something specialist like a VIA min-itx board which it's unlickely people will be getting rid of. A cheap one will set you back less than £100 pounds and they have everything including a processor and graphics integrated so all you will need is some Ram and a disk drive. I hade one in an Old Maratz Cd player case that was used for emulation in my student days. nothing beats a bit of classic mega drive sonic the hedgehog.